Commercial Air Conditioning Services for Cooling and Heating AC Repair and Installation in Kauai, HI

Maintaining your business and its indoor environment can be difficult. Heat and humidity cause uncomfortable and damp space that can be bothersome for employees, customers, products and work productivity. Call our knowledgeable team at Kauai Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 808-822-2770 and let us help your commercial property operate at its best.

Kauai Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has been providing honest and dependable services during the longest summer months since 1991!

Contact us today and tell us more about your AC repair, replacement, or maintenance plan. Estimates are free and so is our Aloha spirit.

Customized Commercial Services

Our team has experience with commercial systems that are fundamentally different from residential units. Our expertise range from offices, stores, studios, hotels, rooftop package units, commercial split systems, heat recovery systems, variable air volume systems, variable refrigerant flow systems, cooling towers and chillers. Kauai Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has been providing skilled AC services for decades. Let us be a part of your team to expand or maintain your growing businesses, installation for your new ventures and keep your maintenance programs on track.

NEW Air Conditioning Installations in Kauai, HI

A climate control system that can stand up to Hawaii’s weather patterns is a necessity. Temperature and humidity need to be controlled to maintain a level of service, quality and comfort for your staff and customers. We are here to help you with your light commercial HVAC service needs.