Ductless Split Systems for Cooling and Heating Services in Kauai, HI

Complex air systems at times require ductwork and coordination, for space is not always available. A typical comfort system consists of a cooled coil that a fan blows across, which distributes air throughout the ducts into a home. While this is a common type of system it is not always the best. Ductless split systems provide a flexible alternative to condition your home. Ductless mini split systems involve multiple smaller indoor units that are mounted on walls in different areas of your living space.   Mini indoor units are connected through walls or PVC duct covers by power and refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit. Direct cooling or heating is done without the use of large and extensive ductwork runs. Whether you need a new ductless system installed or have questions or concerns about your existing air conditioning system contact our team for assistance. We are licensed, insured and available to provide a free estimate or call 808-822-2770 to learn more about ductless split systems for your home.

Advantages of Ductless Split Systems

Finding a system that works for you is our concern and in many cases, ductless split systems are not the right solution. Here are some advantages to take into consideration when determining what is right for you.

  • Is Space an issue? Many existing and new homes have limited or no space to run cumbersome ductwork. Ductless split systems require less design and coordination and offer much more flexibility when it comes to a new home or remodel.
  • Worried about operating cost? Ductless split systems were built with efficiency in mind. They require less power and minimize cooling and heat loss. Check out our energy calculator.
  • Can I control the temperature in each room? Using multiple mini indoor units allows you to optimize comfort in those spaces.   Each unit is provided with a controller and zone control, rather than wasting energy cooling or heating the entire home.

The HVAC experts at Kauai Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can help you with your questions or concerns about ductless mini split systems. Rely on your trusted service team for all your installations, maintenance and repairs. Contact us today to book an appointment.